Almond Creamery ~ Brand Development: Website Design and Development, Social Media, packaging design, Graphic Design and PR

Almond Creamery is a Cape Town company who produces locally made and sourced nut milk.

We got tasked with a rebranding project. This entailed numerous factors such as: Label redesign, website design, photography of packaging, launch of brand, in-store promotions, social media campaign and online community management. To get more traction we also included a PR campaign.

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Almond-Creamery-Website-Home Page

The Almond Creamery website was designed and developed with a WordPress theme. The home banners were art directed, photographed and photoshopped in-house.

Almond Creamery Mailchimp Signup

Ginger and Moon setup a Mailchimp account and this popup plugin to get customers to sign up to the newsletter.

Almond Creamery Recipes

Ginger and Moon decided to launch the new packaging as part of a PR campaign. Recipe books, branded mugs and the new designed bottles (all done by G&M) along with other goodies were sent to bloggers who then posted on social media or wrote blogs about the new packaging. Some of the recipes were then posted onto the website for loyal customers to follow.

branded gear for Almond Creamery

Recipe books, branded mugs and the new designed bottles were art directed, designed and printed by Ginger and Moon, excluding the lunch bag.

Almond Creamery Instagram page

Preview of the social media campaign run by Ginger and Moon. All photographs were taken and edited by G&M.